This page is dedicated given insight into different options available for a boat shirt. Spanning from the line drawing seen in Option 1, to a heavily illustrated graphic like Option 4, the possibilities for an unforgettable T Shirt graphic are here!

We specialize in creating all graphics in house, and are committed to quality, not quantity. We also offer screenprinting, and embroidery!


Option 1

This option covers the basic outline of the boat, and has a small amount of detailing. Also included is the water and vessel name. This option is single color, usually black and it works well for a tonal vibe or on light colored shirts.

Option 2

This option covers the basic outline of the vessel, has a white fill and a accent color. There is no shading other than what happens with the black linework. The boats name, and the water is also drawn in.

Option 3

In this option more time is spent bringing to life the smaller details of the boat. The shadows give the graphic another element which adds form to the illustration.

Option 4

This is by far the most heavily illustrated option. This varies in terms of content based on what the client wants.